Anna’s Story: How cutting down on sugar transformed her daughter’s tastes and behavior

This week, a story ran on BBC about Anna Larsson, a mom in Sweden who posted on Facebook about her five year old daughter and sugar, and it went viral, with 2,400 likes and 1,600 shares and counting.

Photo credit: Sara Jonasson, Kalmar Posten

We connected with Anna to hear more about her experiences. Here is a version of her original post, which we worked together to translate, shared here with Anna’s permission.

Is your child often cross and moody? Does she/he not eat the food you cook, but rather just pasta, puddings, or sandwiches?  Take a minute to read about our daughter. You might be able to relate.

She is almost five years old and she often became angry at anything. Her socks. That she did not get a cake. Yes, you got it.

Last summer, she was sick, really sick, and we got more and more worried about her eating habits. She ate only flour, milk and sugar. She did not love potatoes, as she said, and usually we had to go to the refrigerator and take out something else she’d rather eat. Or we would make her something different than we were eating, like sausage and macaroni. Eventually we gave in and we ended up giving her cakes, sweet yogurts and other snacks.

But now we are moving forward with carrots, cucumbers, and peppers.

Last week I saw a documentary made by Jimmy Wixtröm for Aftonbladet (a major newspaper). It was all about sugar. It made me realize that the quantity that children eat should be thought of as 2.5 times more because of their size compared to an adult. An ice cream for children would be like 2.5 ice creams for us adults! Scary!

So we decided to take out the sweet yogurt, Risifruitti (a rice pudding with fruit puree), and sweet drinks. The immediate difference was that she began to eat potatoes that she had previously refused, she began eating with “gusto” and started complimenting the food.

It took 2 days! 2 days to get off sugar!

Now she is not angry anymore, falls asleep easily at night, sleeps all night, and does not ask for something sweet. Instead she is asking for vegetables!

When we give our children sugar to be ‘friendly,’ we are just doing them harm. They do not feel good with sugar and a bad diet.

Just 2 days and we have a very different, peaceful, small girl.

Children are the best we have! They deserve good food, good conditions of life, to be healthy (junk food causes diseases), and a hell of a lot of love!

Do you have a story like Anna’s that you would like to share? Comment here or contact us at

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