Our Mission

To improve the health of the next generation by preventing exposure to Secondhand Sugars™.


Sugars can be harmful to children as early as in the womb. Secondhand Sugars™ are the sugars found in foods and beverages that babies in utero, infants, and children are exposed to involuntarily. The risks include obesity and related diseases like diabetes as well as cognitive and learning problems. Just as we protect children from dangerous secondhand smoke, we should prevent children from being exposed to secondhand sugars.

New moms can prevent passing Secondhand Sugars™ to their children by eating and drinking less sugars while pregnant or breastfeeding. Caregivers can shield babies and children from harmful effects of sugars by carefully choosing infant formula, baby foods, and snacks without added sugars or sweeteners. 

Take action to prevent the adverse effects of secondhand sugars™ in babies, infants and children.

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